spice packs

The cost of our custom spice packs that we mix in our sauce has just increased by $20 per case. Apparently the cost of oregano has syrocketed and our supplier passed the cost on to us. Does anyone have a reccomendation on a company that makes custom formulations that may save me a bit of money?

Hi Paul

I use a company from Baltimore here in D.C. I am not sure you would save any money. What is the amount and price you pay now? I will get info for you

Big SAl


We use Custom Blending at http://www.customblendinginc.com/.

Is there any chance you could use the Mexican Oregano? That’s what we use and the price hasn’t budged while regular Oregano has doubled. Our rep at Custom Blending told us that they don’t see any price increases coming for Mexican Oregano.