Starting my Mailshark today.

This is our first marketing campaign in 13 years. We are doing the double fold over magnet. Mailing 1250 a week to 2 different stores for 10 weeks. Leaving 2 stores off completely for and double blind placebo. We’ll see how it goes. Great company to work with. Very responsive, great art work and easy to deal with.

I like them. Good luck w/ the campaign.

Very well ran company. No hidden nothing. I do the 50 week program, 1500 per week.

Another happy Mailshark client here, works wonders. Just keep consistent on them, as it has a big initial boost but a nice trickle in effect that builds your sales long term.

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I worked with them for 2 years and have nothing but the highest praise and respect for the way they run their company.

Been with them for years, went a year without to see how it would be and won’t do that again. Scratch offs mail in a week, we’ll see how many of the 16k free breadstick winners redeem this year. :slight_smile:

I’ve used them for years. Good luck Dave , get ready .

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Let us know how it goes. I’ve thought about using them, but their prices scare me :slight_smile:

Is everyone getting a big enough increase in business to justify the expense of using them?

You can also get your street database from them if you’re their customer

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To be honest I’m not sure how they make any money. Their prices seem low to me.

I started using Mailshark in January 2016 and at that point my store had reached $30,000 in sales only a couple times in the 19 years I had owned it. since that time there has been only one time that I have not hit $30,000 and now I am hitting $40,000 at times and am always over $35,000. If anything we have cut back on our other marketing a bit and are still growing considerably. I’d have a hard time saying that Mailshark isn’t a big part of the increase in my sales. You could save a little money and do the work yourself to mail EDDM but when I tried to do that I rarely got the pieces I planned to mail to the post office as consistently as I had planned.

As to Pizza Pirates post above, I found the Mailshark folded magnet piece to be one of my worst returns. I now alternate between tri fold menus and postcards. If you want a great return, do their scratch off or peel a deal and make all cards a winner with a side item or small pizza.

How much does your mailshark campaign cost ?

They are doing my magnets for .36 print and mail. I’m doing 2500 a week for 10’weeks

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So I assume over a period of 10 weeks, they would send the magnets to 25000 households for a total of 0.36 X 25000, about $8000.

what sort of ROI can one expect for that? Do they provide any math for it?

There really is no way to precisely track roi on something like this. The amount of variables is staggering. I have a lot of spreadsheets and graphs set up to track sales. After that I have to add in “feel”.

When you started / now how many pieces are you mailing out per week. That amount of sales growth is awesome!

Marketing efforts and/or return on investment can not always be measured right away…It is the cumulative effect that matters…If you are persistent even if in the short term it does not look good, over time it will…

I started with mailing 30000 addresses 5 times per year, now I mail them 7 times per year. We don’t mail the more expensive pieces anymore(magnets and scratch offs), just alternate tri fold menus and postcards. After years of 3-5% increases, I’m now seeing double digit increases 3 years in a row.

I think tricky part is to know which marketing effort to keep going for long term benefits that you still havent seen, and which to cut off cause there wont be any long term benefits either.

So 30,000 X 5 = 150000 mailing per year = 50k @ 0.36/magnet, when you started off?

That seems to require a lot of courage to pull the trigger on.