Hood System

Hi all -

Can anyone share information about the “Halton Capture Jet Hood Systems”? My HVAC guy was talking about a type of hood that produces its own make-up air therefore reducing or eliminating the need for a return air duct. He did not know the brand - just that these types of hoods are on the market. We are in the process of pricing a build out and I am interested in this type of option.

I looked around online and I think that he is talking about the Halton brand (or are there others) - You all seem so knowledgeable I thought I would ask you, have you heard of these? are they worth it? do they really reduce the amount of return air needed - not sure if it helps with an answer but I would be using it with a BOFI XLT double stack oven.

Thanks - anything you can offer would be great!

Hi Big poppa:

The Halton hood system you mention is like any compensating hood, air is brought in to the hood from the outside and that air is exhausted along with a certain amount of air from inside the building.

This is nothing new. Compensating hoods have been on the market for years.

This company appears to make am expensive system aimed more at high grease producing installations using grills, Char broilers and multiple fryers.

Guessing that you are to be doing pizza I think perhaps that system would be overkill.

If you would like to see a hood system designed specifically for the XLT ovens go to


George Mills