Oven Problem for George Mills

I have a MM PS360 double stack oven conveyor oven. My top oven is used 95% of the time we use the bottom oven for busy times and to parbake pan pizza and frozens.

Anyway. My conveyor belt speeds up without any warning. It started out for 5 or 10 seconds but now its happening more frequenlty and for longer times up to 20 seconds. This is becoming a huge problem especially during rush periods when pizzas jamb up on to one another. Is there an adjustment that can be made in the chain drive or the conveyor itself or is this a sign of a bigger problem?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Hi Dan:

I am quite sure that your electronic speed controller is defective and should be replaced.

George Mills

Thank you George.

This is why I love the TT.

ditto that - if you have an older one w/the thumb wheels, you can zip-tie the “module” as the heat makes the connections slip - holds 4 a little while - or just swap out units…we also have to drop down the door & clip the button to “on” so it won’t heat up as quickly…someday I’ll get another controller as well