Hello, this is my first time posting. Love the forum so far! My question for you all, is how much do you typically spend on your signage. I have a nice Channel letter sign, with my business name on it. But, we dont face the main road in my town. My landlord absolutly wont help pay for a road sign (we are in a small strip center). So the price of a new lit sign ($4500) would have to be paid completely by me. There are no other tenits in the center, so I am stuck paying for it all. Business is slow, so I hate to. Thanks for any advice!

Try Craigslist in your area for signage or letters. Also EBAY. I was able to get a 6’x8’ lit signbox for $300. Just had translucent vinyl stick on letters and logo made at local sign store and applied. Not perfect but cheap…

You could also buy one of these arrow signs (40"x96") for $349 if you can’t find a good deal on ebay: … tem=369699

Remove the panels and replace with plexiglass inserts. Have a sign shop put your logo and phone # (vinyl graphics) on white sheets of plexiglass. I did this and it cost me around $300 for both sheets. You can also remove the arrow off of the top of the sign. I had a steel frame fabricated to insert my sign into and then had it secured in the ground with concrete. The whole setup cost me around $1,000 and looks really nice.

IMHO, the quality of your sign (just like your storefront view from the street) represents your pride in, and your commitment to, your business.

Be careful that your sign represents what you really want to say both verbally and visually.

Thanks for the good advice guys. I have posted an ad on Craigslist, looking for a sign/sign maker. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon.