veggie cutting

Who use a special tool for veggie cutting ?..Or do most use an attachment on their mixer…

I LOVE the dynacube! It is awesome.

I use a Nemco Easy Slicer. I highly recommend it.

robot coupe here

Ditto Dean here.

I do everything by hand.



How do you like the dynocube? What do you use it for? I’ve always been interested in it but never met anyone whose used it.

I use the robocoupe for mushrooms but there is just too much waste with other vegetables for me.

I love it, I’m surprise more people dont use it. We used it at my last pizza place I worked for and when we opened here, no one heard of it. So I just had to buy mine online.

We just use it for green peppers and onions. Theres probably a lot more uses for it, I just never took the time to try or learn. Using it for the onions alone pays for itself. It can perfectly dice a whole onion in about 3 seconds. And its easy to clean and operate…

I buy my fresh mushrooms sliced so no need to do that anymore, thank god lol.

onions and peppers with a hobart slicer and then quick chop…mushrooms presliced

For what it’s worth, I saw a pretty nifty slicr/dicer at Pizza Expo. The company was Dynamic at <>
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

A french fry cutter works well for dicing veggies as well. Not the easiest thing in the owrld to clean though.

I use the Nemco Onion King with 1/4" gap between blades to slice my onions and peppers. It’s a bit pricey but easier to use than the other slicing tools I have tried. … icer–list

Thats who makes the dynacube…

whatever happened to the good old chef knives ?

I still have them :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s made by DYNAMIC at or you can call them at 877-668-6623.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Wait, so Dynamic makes it?

Easy answer:

I know Tom, I was just messing with you lol…

I said I love the dynacube a whole lot, then you said there was this nifty dicer you saw at the pizza expo, and I said yea thats who makes the dynacube (the exact one I was talking about before your post).

Got mine, too. It is just wayyyy faster . . . and more consistent . . . for my staff to run through 25# of onions or peppers using the Nemco Easy slicer with adjustable blade. It rocks.