Who's ready for Halloween?

So our busiest day of the year is upon us. My crews have been working like female dogs for the past 2 days prepping. We have 7000 dough balls at various stages of fermentation. Full Friday night crew scheduled for a Monday. If you don’t hear from me again, that means I didn’t make it.

We did more friday and Saturday night then normal, i think around here all the parties were Friday or Saturday night, or tonight we shall see. Honestly not expecting to much tomorrow night.

I believe that Haloween is crazy busy for my store when it falls on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday but not so crazy when it falls on a Monday. I’m still staffed and prepped up for a big day but I’m only expecting 30% more than a typical Monday.

This whole weekend has been nuts for us. Chicago being in the World Series and us being less than 2 miles from all the action has basically doubled our business for the past 2 weeks. My crew is battle hardened now and we are looking at Halloween as just another day. We got to knock the rust off of some of my veterans and it has been great learning experience for the noobs. Needless to say in am a very happy camper. I just hope it doesn’t take another 71 years for it to happen again!!!

We were up 20% every day the Dodgers had a playoff game. The Cubs got rid of that.

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We are geared up to do triple our normal Monday. I hope I don’t have egg on my face come Tuesday morning.

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Same here, we’re a Chicago pizzeria located in SF and have been lit the whole playoffs plus it rained here for 5 straight days, which doubles business as well. Essentially business has quadrupled this week and tonight’s holiday plus the next two games for the Cubs will put us at the top 30 day sales period ever. Big shout to MailShark’s mailers for upping our deliveries so much I had to hire another two drivers and another Order Taker to handle the load!

Well we ended up 83% above an average Monday. Didn’t feel that much until about 8 pm when i lost all my energy. Scheduled 1 extra driver and 2 extra insiders and everything went smoothly.

Honestly i was only expecting 50% increase over average, so i was pleasantly surprised.

We finished the night with three times our normal Monday.

we more than doubled our regular Monday…learned from previous years that I needed to adjust the times during our rush 4:30-6:00 for online ordering to avoid the bottleneck so it went much smoother

More than double for us…dont know how many orders were lost though due to my internet not working. VOIP depends on that. Comcast says no issue on thier end.$250 later I think its working again then goes out intermittenly.
Why does it seem every time something happens wheather it be road construction in front of your store or internet problems always on the busiest days??

Came in right at triple our normal Monday. 3 store ran smooth. One store got crushed with 45 minute pick ups and 1.5 hour deliveries. We just don’t have the oven capacity to handle the intense Halloween rush we get from 4 to 7. We do Ok the first 2 hours but are loosing ground little by little. By the time the 3rd hour is there everything has fallen apart. It’s going to take a huge investment for me to get this store to handle this volume. Well over 100K and probably closer to 150K. I just can’t decide if its worth it. Do you invest that kind of money to handle just a few days a year? Or do you just bite the bullet and home you don’t piss off too many people?

@pizzapiratespp i don’t think that would be worth it at all. if it was all the time then yes. But for a few killer days a year i would just save my money and be thankful for the problem

Wow. Congrats on a huge night, David. Is one of your other locations close enough to be able to pick up some of the overflow from the store that’s getting slammed?

We did about 3.5 times our usual Monday. We were staffed completely except that I need another driver on the payroll… everyone worked who is employed here. I was extremely proud of the job the staff did as I coordinated the orders and deliveries. We never fell behind our quoted times, we didn’t have a single mistake go out to customers (atleast we didn’t hear of one but we’re pretty good at the oven as well) and we never lost control in the kitchen. [emoji1303]

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We did average a normal Monday. Trick or treat is not necessarily on Halloween around here. It was on Saturday and we did have an above-average Saturday but nothing like you guys are talking about.

We actually opened an overflow store 2 years ago to relieve some of the pressure but we are maxed out again. If I can get the planets to align, I hope to open 2 more stores on the outskirts of this location to even things out a bit.

Speedline worked flawlessly as usual. 9 stations, 440 orders, 1600 pizzas and sides. And with LiveMaps we had 2 new drivers deliver the whole night without any management intervention.

LiveMaps and emailing drivers the link for directions is such a life saver

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We had a slightly busier Monday than usual not what I was expecting we had a busy Saturday. Not too many people out trick or treating either from what I saw this year compared to our last 2 Halloween’s. Major bust from what I was expecting.

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