Wings so freakin hot......

Hey all,
I’m taking a page out of the Man Vs. Food program and plan on creating some super hot wings, if they finish they get a shirt and picture on the wall…

My question is for you pepper heads that know your Scoville Units.

I’m wanting to just add a pepper extract to my regular Wing sauce (so there is no “dry” pepper coating)… for 12 wings I usually use about 4oz of sauce… now the Extract I’m looking to get is 5 million Scoville units… would 1 drop in the 4 oz of sauce still be way WAY to hot for anyone to eat? Or should I drop to an extract about 1 or 2 million?

Thanks all!

According to Wikipedia, 5 millions Scoville units is the heat index of Law Enforcement grade pepper spray and FN303 Irritant Ammuntion :shock:

You should give them a shirt if they live through the night :smiley:

And I can’t believe I just quoted Wikipedia…

so what your saying is, it may be cheaper to just get some pepper spray and just coat the wings in a fine mist…


*remember don’t rub those eyes!

Why not save a little more money and just pepper spray the customer after the pay you for the dozen wings! The few that still want to sit down and eat your normal wings get a picture and a shirt! :lol:

holy cow that’s gonna hurt. Just the vapor off those things are gonna fry you.
what network is man vs food on? This has me intrigued :slight_smile:

I always just add some habanero mash to my regular hot wing sauce, and that way instead of just heat, i also get all the fruity flavor of the habanero pepper. Of course it is so hot you can barely taste the fruity flavor! LOL! A good source is , I wish you luck!

Thanks PIZZAMAGOO for the site… however it seems to be having tech problems right now…

piemaker2007, it’s on the Travel Channel… almost every other night theres a rerun

A scoville rating that high could be dangerous to the consumer.

I know at a lot of the extracts that are listed in those ratings are actually advertised as not for consumption.

I agree, just add some habanero sauce to your wing sauce recipe and give that a go first.

Most people that SAY they can handle the heat really can’t…so give them something to “try” but without killing them. haha

I love HOT wings. I know alot of places make you sign a waiver for really hot wings, it wouldnt hold up in court, but just shows how serious you are when you say they are HOTTTT!!! and kind of ads to the thrill of it.

Zaxby’s is a chicken wing/finger place in the south chain resturant, if you ask for thier hottest wings they question you like you are ordering explosives.

There are plenty of regular sauces that are super hot on thier own and even when you add them to regular franks/texas pete the burn is so much worse. Pureed fresh habenaros add insane heat also.

I know this is an old thread, but I just came across a news story today. 8 teens had to go to a hospital after drinking hot sauce that was around a half million scoville units. … ?GT1=43001

Man vs. Food can be seen on youtube as well . … episode segments. Look for “hot hamburger”. You get 25 minutes to eat an outrageously hot 1/2 lb cheeseburger, then no dairy product for 5 more minutes. He was drooling out of every hole in his head.

That said, wings can get up to brutally hot with either pepper, or capsaicin extractives. The burger used ‘ghost peppers’ that are rated at 3 million scovilles. Get some of them, rehydrate and puree for your sauce maybe. I say go for it and put a disclaimer prominently somewhere that they are so hot it could cause gastric and/or respiratory distress. You could even work up a liability indemnification document for customers to sign. It could add to the kitch as well as add some fundamental, basic legaldefense if you need it. It won’t be a cure-all, but it would get people toknow just how d@mned hot you are making them :slight_smile:

I use El Yuccateca XXXHot habnero chille sauce in the 4oz bottle. I find it in Publix/Kroger in hispanic section and at latino markets. It’s only about 1 million, IIRC . . . could be less.

I have hot sauce in my fridge that has a warning label on it that says it could also be used to clean up the oil spills on your driveway. LMAO

Try habaneros. Stem and seed a small case then puree them. Portion them in 2oz souffle cups and freeze. Bring out what you need. The puree in the cup will last for about a week to ten days in the fridge.