Hi guys

are you all open for easter sunday?

I have 1 catering order that i will gladly go in by myself just to make for her. Its be4 easter dinner so i’ll be able to spend time with the family. NO LABOR.


We are closed but employees decided to have an Easter get together at the beach. I just want a day off, so i might just sent along some BBQ stuff for them to grill & munch.

Happy Easter everyone!


Open 4pm-11pm Easter Sunday.

Last year we did about 65% of our normal Sunday sales. Enough to make being open worth it.

We’re open. We tried opening for the first time last year and had plenty of sales to make it worthwhile. Last year we used to open at 4:00pm on Sunday; but we’ve now been opening at 11:00am for the past 8 months.

None of my employees complained about working it, so why not open if you can profit a few hundred bucks?

I’d love to figure out a way to get my normal Sunday lunch sales up. It seems that everyone already has a spot they go to after church and trying something new isn’t really an option. Or maybe my bar keeps people away on Sundays.

Either way. On Easter my Grandmother is cooking. As long as she cooks, I’m showing up. Which means we are closing the store.

I agree with that bar keeping people away… We use to get a bunch of people from a couple different churchs around here for Sunday afternoons… i think they all stopped comming in about 2 months after the bar opened (when people actualy starting going to the bar on a Sun. afternoon) :cry:

back on subject… we’re closed as well.

Open 11am to 9 pm.

Expecting a $1000 day, employees don’t want to miss a day’s pay. works for me.

yeah we’re open. last year we did 1500


all stores will be closed.
Gotta honor the day…

We are open. Its an OK day. Worth being open but I allow some employees to stay home, usually in order of seniority.

Happy Easter to All,

Open everywhere regular hours. It’s a normal day for sales and for the vast majority of employees it’s also just another day (unlike say the Superbowl or Halloween or 4th of July)… :frowning: