What to brush Panini's with?

So for our Panini’s we’ve been using this spray butter out of an aerosol can… taste good but looks bad when your spraying it into the sandwich in front of the customer.

Tried using a little container and just brushing on liquid butter with a nylon brush but it does not spread easily as the bread just soaks it up plus takes a lot more time.

Also tried using liquid butter in a squirt bottle… i can get it to squirt a straight stream but it will not dissipate into a spray.

Any ideas on what other options there are?


I don’t know if would work for butter—but how about an olive oil mister. should work the same as the spray butter, but it would look a little better for the customer. here are some examples.
http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywor … xlnyg77x_e

Nice, I already have a Misto at the house that I totally forgot about. How well do you think it will hold up for commercial use? Say used about 100 times a day.

We brush our calzones with garlic butter and sprinkle parm on top…

ive also seem they sell a wheel that goes in a metal food pan thats made to apply butter to bread

Try an oil and vinager based Italian dressing rather then butter or fake oil butter

Way way better for you and great flavor

I think you might do well with spreading liquid butter if you had a better brush.

You could also try something like this: http://www.averagebetty.com/recipes/incredible-spreadable-butter-recipe/
… spread it on with a spatula, or put it in a squeeze bottle and put it on like mayo.

Got the Misto and it seems to be working out pretty good! Put Canola Oil in it and stray it on but it does not “brown” the bread nearly as quick as the butter flavored aerosol oil spray did.

What oil (or whatever will work) can I use to brown the breads quicker? I think it’s a lower “flash point” but i’m not fully aware of the terminology.